1Password is a security tool that stores passwords, IDs and private information
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1Password is a security tool designed to allow you to store all your passwords, private notes, Internet IDs and other private information into a single secure place that only you can access.
After you have installed 1Password on your computer, you will be required to enter a security password which you will have to type every time you enter the app to access your data. You will quickly notice that the inlays, which appear on the main screen, help you organize your private information methodically, according to the nature of your passwords, your IDs or personal information. If you want to get more organized, you can create new folders where you can store your data.

Besides the functions mentioned above, you can also use 1Password to save information about a new account you have created on the Internet that you have not yet saved in your 1Password folders. It automatically asks you to save your ID and password in one of the folders displayed on the main screen, so that you do not forget them. You can also directly log into a site by using the "Login" function of the application.

To sum up, 1Password is a tool that can be used by those who wish to store their private information and passwords into a secure place. Its light and intuitive interface is user-friendly, helping you store data in an organized manner.

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  • Provides encrypted files which can be used to log into a site directly from the application
  • It provides data sheets that you can complete with detailed information
  • It has a user-friendly interface


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