1Password 7.6

Create and manage passwords on your computer
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Save your logins and manage your passwords. Have your logging into Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other websites automatically detected and saved as an encrypted file. Generate secure passcodes and store personal data like credit cards and bank accounts in the Wallet vault.

Keeping track of all your passwords and login information across all the websites that require you to have an account can be a very difficult task. A tool like 1Password can help make things a lot simpler.

1Password can help you store all your passwords, accounts, cards, security numbers, etc. The application lets you create a master password, and that's the only one that you will need to remember in order to access all your other personal data and login information. In case you are worried about your security, the tool automatically locks itself whenever you log out of Windows, when your screensaver becomes active, or after a specified amount of idle time.

One of the things I like the most about 1Password is that it analyzes your saved passwords showing you their strength and if you're using the same password for multiple accounts. Furthermore, the tool offers extensions for all the popular browsers, which means that you can automatically save passwords and usernames directly from web forms.

If you're interested in my personal opinion, I think that 1Password is a tool that is actually worth its price as the application offers numerous features that make it effective and convenient. Even though it isn't sneaky enough to conceal itself, this application is still worth at least trying out.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides a powerful password generator
  • Can indicate your weak or duplicate passwords
  • Provides handy browser extensions


  • Doesn't make any effort to conceal its presence
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